ROUGH is the UK’s biggest gas storage facility meeting approximately 10% of UK’s peek daily demand.
GLANFORD BRIGG power station can switch from natural gas to diesel generation
Hold on to your hates! Our regions 20+ offshore wind farms provide power for over 200,000UK homes
The storage is built into the continental Shelf, 9000ft under the bed of the North Sea
The cluster in the area continues  to attract global Players from the chemical,  pharmaceutical and allied industries

Wave and Tidal

With its location on the banks of the UK’s busiest trading estuary, Greater Grimsby is a natural location for marine renewables that are being developed to harness wave and tidal power.

The Humber Tidal Power Consortium that is backing the project brings together several major renewable energy companies

ConocoPhillips – US energy giant that operates the Humber Refinery

Novartis - employs more than 500 people at its Grimsby site 

Ciba - operates a 50-acre manufacturing facility in Grimsby

Cristal Group - Saudi-owned chemicals company in Immingham .