7.6 bn (and counting) invested  In offshore wind farms off  the Humber already
At VIVERGO Fuels we use locally Grown wheat to produce around 1/3 of the UK’s bio ethanol demand for petrol.

Grimsby offers:

- direct access to the world’s largest offshore wind farms

- the UK’s largest port capable of handling major projects

- leadership in wind power, marine renewables and bioenergy

- proven expertise in engineering and construction

Grimsby is just 10-50 miles from existing and planned wind farms off the Lincolnshire coast in the North Sea, where up to 4,000 more turbines are planned. This proximity has led to significant interest from operations and maintenance (O&M) providers, major manufacturers and component suppliers. Two of the largest players in offshore wind, Centrica and Siemens, have chosen to base their O&M teams in Grimsby.

Grimsby is emerging as a key player in the renewable energy revolution with potential to become the UK capital of the offshore wind industry.

HUMBERSIDE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Is the UK’s 2nd busiest heliport, serving offshore business in  the North Sea and beyond
PORT OF HULL Allocated for wind turbine manufacturers and their supply chain
CENTRICA, SIEMENS, RES OFFSHORE,E.ON and DONG ENERGY  have already invested in operations  and maintenance bases for  offshore windfarms in the North Sea .